April 16, 2013

Book Review: My Everything by Heidi McLaughlin

WARNING - POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOR My Forever Girl (Book 1 of the Beaumont Series) - I'll try it to keep it free of Spoilers but be warned. 

The Deal: After breaking up with his fiancĂ©e, Nick Ashford decided to go forth with his plans to volunteer for a year in Africa, using his knowledge as a doctor to help others while he tries to figure out what went wrong with his life. 

He wasn't expecting meeting Aubrey after a few months, or feeling the connection he feels toward her. 

My Thoughts: So, again, I'm keeping it vague both because of stuff that happened in the previous book and ties in with this one and because this one is fairly short and I don't want to just say whats all about. 

Right after I finished reading Forever My Girl, I didn't want to leave it's world just then so I went on and read My Everything after and it was nice. I liked how it took the time to address something that happened in FMG and that was sort of left hanging in the previous book. 

As for the story of Nick and Aubrey, well, it was in fast forward because of how short is the story, but it was okay, I could believe it for the most part and I hope it develops a little more over the course of future books. 

My Everything was a fun, super fast read and a nice complement to Forever My Girl. 

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