April 28, 2013

At the Movies: Iron Man 3

Tony Stark is awesome, and no one knows it better than himself. However, he's starting to realize he might not be invulnerable, as he tries hard to protect the one person who loves the most, his girlfriend Pepper. 

And that is before a terrorist called The Mandarin starts wrecking havoc in his life. 

All right, so I just went to see Iron Man 3 and it ROCKS! I love Tony Stark and pretty much everyone in the Iron Man/Avengers continuity and this movie totally gets why people goes to see big super hero movies: to have a good time and eat lots of pop corn and it delivers. 

It's great fun all the way through and you don't have to have seen the previous movies understand what's going on. There are plenty of laughs, a plot that actually says something without punching you on the face with it and it's just insanely fun. 

Unabashedly recommend it!!!
APersonal Favorite 

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