December 9, 2011

Retro Friday: The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson

Bermudez Triangle
At First Sight: Nina, Avery and Mel have been best friends since what feels like forever, they were given the nickname The Bermudez Triangle by a snide little rival - because Nina's last name is Bermudez - and it stuck. But now the triangle is about to part for the first time ever, the summer before senior year of high school as Nina is going to a pre-college course in San Francisco, and Mel and Avery are staying behind in Saratoga.

But a lot of things can happen in one summer as all the girls fall in love. Nina with an environmental warrior, third generation hippie boy she meets while away. And Avery and Mel fall for each other.

Once the triangle is reunited, things quickly unravel, as Nina is more busy than ever, struggles with a long distance relationship and with the realization that there is something between Mel and Avery that they aren't telling her. And things don't improve after she realize what their secret is.

As the weeks pass, the triangle starts to fall apart, once Nina finds herself keeping secrets from Mel, who seems to finally be ready to admit to herself -and others - that she's gay; and as Avery pulls away, not ready to do the same.

Second Glance: The Bermudez Triangle has been in my TO BE READ list for quite a few years but somehow I never got around reading it. Until now... and I'm sad to say that I was, over all, a little disappointed with it all. I never could really connect with any of the girls and I frankly found them a little too self-absorbed.

The one I somewhat liked was Mel and Nina - a little -toward the late middle, before she did something to another character that pissed me off. I liked Parker - a friend Mel makes at her job - and the digs at the Irish restaurant where they work, but otherwise, I just didn't much care either way about what happened to the characters.

The ending was kind of cute though.

Bottom Line: I think this is one of those books where you need to connect to enjoy the book, I didn't, but it's well written and even funny at times. I didn't mind the gay stuff, it wasn't overdone or heavy handed, I just didn't much like the characters themselves - particularly Avery.
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