December 28, 2011

Book Review: Spring For Susannah by Catherine Richmond

At First Sight: Out of options, Susannah Underhill agreed to marry he reverend's brother Jesse Mason and move to his farm in the Dakota Territory. She isn't sure it will work out, if he will like her or if she will like him, she only knows she has no choice other than to go and start a new life.

Jesse does take a liking to Susannah, and quickly sets about wooing her, so they can make a home for themselves, slowly drawing Susannah out of her shyness and her bad memories, as she learns to free herself from the strict and sad notions of her former life. 

But life in Dakota is pretty isolated and they often see their closest neighbors and friends but once a week - and not at all during winter - making it a little hard for Susannah, a city girl, to adapt. 

Still, Jesse is relentless in his pursuit of her, and soon they find themselves failing in love, wanting to build a dream together. 

Second Glance: I had heard many good things about Spring for Suannah and I'm sad to say that, though I thought it was a good book, it wasn't all I expected. The story starts very well, with a very shy, shell-shocked Susannah arriving to her new home. I instantly took a liking to Jesse and once Susannah's past was revealed little by little I grew to like her too. 

There are quite a bit secondary characters and they very nice and mostly well rounded. And I really limed that Susannah was a rather capable veterinarian - her father was one and she learned from him, though she's not 'certified' she knows her stuff - that was a really nice twist. 

But I had two issues with the story: one, that this is one of those Christian Romances that lean heavily on the Christian - it's not prudish or anything but the Lord's name gets called pretty often, and to a point is understandable as a big part of the story is not only about them falling in love but about their trails of faith, but it did feel heavy handed at times. 

And secondly, the second half of the book: I was ready for the story to start wrapping up but then more stuff kept happening, and happening and happening, and the story started to drag. And then the ending felt rather rushed. 

Bottom Line: If you're looking specifically for a Christian Romance, I think this one is pretty good, though it drags a little toward the end. If you're leaning toward something more secular, then probably this one isn't for you. 

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