December 31, 2011

It's my Birthday / Happy New Year! / Books Read in December


Actually, this is a pretty bad day for a birthday and I'm kind of sick but so far my day is going pretty good! 

Now, it's also New Year and I hope you gals and guys are having tons of fun!!! 

Now! To the recap!!


Sadly, Blogger decided to mess with me a couple of weeks ago and I loves my list of books read in 2011. That made me very sad so this is a rough approximation about the books I read based on the reviews written and the re-reads I remember. 

I already finished the Aussie YA Reading Challenge, 100+ Reading Challenge and the Contemporary Challenge, the Historical Challenge and YA Reading Challenge!

Books read this month: 19
Books read so far: 194 (apox)
No clue on the final tally of Contemp, Historical or YA but as far as I remember my proportions were divided: 1/4 Historicals, 1/4 Contemps and 1/2 of YA.

And that's my month in books! I really wanted to reach the 200 mark this year but I don't think I did it. Sadly, I'll never know.

What say you?Alex

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