December 17, 2011

At The Movies: While You Were Sleeping

Lucy works as as a token collector in the Chicago train, and she spends her otherwise dull shifts fantasizing about Peter, a businessman that passes through her booth almost every day. 

One December morning, Lucy is working when she sees Peter get mugged and thrown toward the train's tracks, and she rushes to save his aid, managing to save his life but she's left in a bit of a binder when Peter falls into a coma and, to get information about his condition at the hospital - she lies and says she's his fiancĂ©. 

Information that it's quickly related to his family - the Callahans - and who waste no time bringing Lucy into their fold. Lucy's first instinct is to tell them the truth, but having been alone in the world since the death of her father, Lucy can't help the powerful pull she feels toward this funny, warm family that take her in without reservations, just because they think she's part of Peter's life. 

Things only get more complicated when Lucy meets Jack, Peter's brother, and realizes that Peter might seem like the guy of her dreams, but that down to earth Jack actually IS the man of her dreams. But by then, she's all tied up in the lies she has been telling about her relationship with Peter, who is still in a coma. 

I LOVE While You Were Sleeping, it's such a funny movie, without big pretentions that is just sweet. I love that it's one of those movies that you can definitely see with your whole family on Christmas and just have a laugh - I hadn't thought of it much as a holiday movie until I realized it was! 

Anyway, I know it's an oldie, but if you can you should definitely check it out! 
Now I know it's not the most awesome movie ever, but I love it so I'll give it a Personal Fave Kissing Bear! 
Personal Favorite

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