December 2, 2011

Book Review: Wish Upon a Star by Sarah Morgan

Wish Upon a Star
The Deal: Wish Upon a Star is a compilation of two stories that have a lot to do with the Christmas season.

In the first one,  Christy is still reeling from the temporary separation from her husband Alessandro, which is starting to look like a permanent thing even though she never intended for things to turn out that way, she was just trying to give Alessandro a wake up call as to the state of their marriage - namely that he worked too much, took her for granted and that they only 'quality' time they spent together was in bed - but he didn't quite get the message she wanted.

Instead, Alessandro - a brilliant doctor - is gutted by what he sees as Christy's desertion and by the fact she moved with their kids to London. But, after 12 years of marriage, he isn't sure what he should do, specially after their two kids demand the four of them spend Christmas together.

Between being back under the same roof, their scheming children, the help of their best friend Jake and the general awesomeness of the season, Christy and Alessandro don't stand a chance.

In the second story, Jake Blackwell was trying to avoid spending Christmas in his big empty house or surrounded by his happily married best friends - Christy and Alessandro from the first story - when he came across a nearly frozen woman named Miranda, while hiking in the mountains near his home.

Miranda was just trying to find a way to quiet her despairing thoughts when she got lost in the mountain, and was quite glad to met Jake there, but wasn't so glad when he wouldn't leave her in peace. Still, the loneliness got the better of her and she ended up agreeing when Jake offered to take her to his house so she could get warm and so neither of them had to spend the day alone.

It had been a really long time since Jake felt true interest for any woman, and Miranda intrigues him, so he's none too pleased when he discovers her gone after one very heated kiss between them, and great is his surprise when he finds her again, a few hours later, and realizes that a) she's the new midwife working in his ward (he's an obstetrician) and b) that she's six months pregnant.

My Thoughts: I was sort of expecting Wish Upon a Start to be something fluffy and chick-lit-ish, but it was a bit different. This special release by author Sarah Morgan is actually a compilation of two previously released category romances, and they were very good in their own way.

Sarah Morgan has a style that pulls you in right away, and since I was in the mood for something quick, Christmasy and fun, this book worked very well for me.

Since the stories are rather short, there isn't a lot of character development but the characters still have enough depth even if Alessandro and Chisty are a little archetypical - him, hot blooded Spaniard, she a fiery red head - and comunication isn't their forte.

I admit that I would have liked more length in "Miranda" since I think the story had a lot more to give, but it was still my favorite of the two.

All in all, it was a lovely read, and great for this holiday season.

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