December 29, 2011

Book Review: Home Sweet Home by Bella Riley

Home sweet home
At First Sight: For the last ten years, Andi has made a point of not returning to her home town of Emerald Lake. She left as an eighteen year old bound for college and then decided to pursue her city dreams.

Until a work project brings her back to Emerald Lake, to the yarn store her mother and grandmother run together and to the boy she left behind when he needed her the most.

In the last ten years, Nathan went from being a heartbroken boy having to take care of his baby sister Madison in the aftermath of his mother's death and his father's suicide, to becoming the Major of Emerald Lake.

Over all, Nathan has a great life and he doesn't spend his every waking moment thinking about his last meeting with Andi... until he sees her again and all the feelings that never really went away come back to the surface.

Second Glance: Home Sweet Home was a sweet read but, sadly, it was rather unremarkable. The characters were nice, I definitely liked Nathan and his sister a lot, but Andi took some warming up to - and I'm not sure I ever stopped feeling like she walked away when Nathan needed her the most and I couldn't understand how someone who was loved by her family kept herself so apart.

I liked the small-town folk, but I found them a bit standard, nothing more or less than I would expect from a book set in a small town, and none were really all that memorable.

The whole subplot about Andi's grandmother also made the story drag.

Bottom Line: I think that Home Sweet Home is a good enough "Small Town Romance" but doesn't really bring anything new or even fresh to the game. It's an okay read but I don't see myself going back to visit these characters again.

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