July 18, 2011

Interview with Alex Epstein

Today, I'm happy to welcome Alex Epstein -author of The Circle Cast - to the blog.

I asked him a few questions and he answered them tweet-style!


First, tell us something about your book, The Circle Cast?
Ever wonder how King Arthur's sister learned how 2 b a legendary badass sorceress? They don't exactly teach that in high school. #wicca

What got you interested in Arthurian Legend?
My dad used to read THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING to me when I was a kid. I could never get it out of my head. #excalibur

Why Anna/Morgan?

Losing your name is huge. When Uter kills her dad, Anna has 2 become a new person, with a new name: Morgan ("sea-born"). #metamorphosis

What was the hardest thing about writing THE CIRCLE CAST?
Satisfying my editor. I rewrote the entire book 9 or 10 times, 2 make the story come alive. #writingisrewriting

The easiest?
I feel like Morgan speaks to me: stubborn, angry, passionate. Writing her always made sense.

If you could be in Arthur’s court, who would you be?
Arthur! But I'd divorce Guinevere, remarry, and have a bunch of heirs. And I'd give Mordred a dukedom so he wouldn't feel dissed. #realpolitik

Now, tell us something about yourself that no one would believe?
In my day job, I'm mostly known for writing movie & TV comedy. TCC is sort of primordial me. #boncopbadcop


How did an exiled girl become the most powerful witch in legend?

Britain, 480 AD. Saxon barbarians are invading, pushing the civilized British out of their own island. Morgan is the daughter of the governor of Cornwall. But when her father is murdered and her mother taken as the King's new wife, she has to flee to Ireland to avoid being murdered herself.

But Ireland is no refuge. She's captured in a slave raid and sold to a village witch. As Morgan comes of age, she discovers her own immense magical powers. She falls in love with a young Irish chieftain, and makes him powerful.

But will her drive for revenge destroy her one chance for love and happiness?

This interview is part of The Circle Cast's Blog Tour (which I get to kick off! YAY!). For future stops of the tour, you can check out The {Teen} Book Scene by clicking here

And, as part of the blog tour, four ebook copies of The Circle Cast are up for grabs, just leave a comment and a winner will be chosen every week out of all the comments in all the tour stops  of the week (so be sure to check those out!)

Good luck!


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