July 16, 2011

Book Review: Catch Me by Lorelie Brown

Catch Me
At First Sight: Maggie Bullock is in desperate need of money, so she decides to rob the bank in Fresh Springs, where her dad is Sheriff; thinking she will pay for her father's medical care and disappear for a while. 

But the bank owner is of a vicious vent and quickly sics a bounty hunter after Maggie. 

Dean Collier has spent the last five years as s bounty hunter, doing quite a few questionable things in order to forget the life he once had and what he lost.

But when he's offered the chance of becoming sheriff or Fresh Springs, with the condition that he captures Maggie first, Dean jumps at the opportunity of winning back some of his soul. 

Too bad Maggie might just as well steal his heart.

Second Glance: Catch Me was quite a fun book, I liked the twist that Maggie was the outlaw and that she was, over all, quite capable and willing to do what needed to be done. 

Dean was a nice hero, he was just trying to rebuild his life when he stumbled into Maggie and seeing them argue was kind of fun.

At the same time, this is kind of a road-book, as practically all of it takes place while Dean is taking Maggie from Texas back to Arizona to face charges; and I he does something kind of jerky near the end of the book (though he does redeem himself).

I did feel like the ending was a bit drawn out but it wasn't bad.

Bottom Line: Catch Me is a nice read, particularly if you're in the mood for an American historical lite. There were a few things that made me roll my eyes, but over all it was a good read.

BTW, Catch Me is published by Carina Press, and as such only available as an ebook.

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