July 25, 2011

Book Review: The Chase by Erin McCarthy

At First Sight: Race driver Evan Monroe is having a disappointing season, he's facing the possibility of losing sponsorships and has to deal with Kendall Hollbrook having a great rookie season. 

Kendall is trying to make her way in the male dominated world of race cars. And she could do without having Evan as both a competition and fellow team member.

Ten years ago, Kendall and Evan were on the fast track to forever when a conversation gone wrong brought their relationship into a screeching halt, and the air between them is thick with the things they need to say to each other.

Second Glance: I have to say that I found  The Chase a little bit disappointing, I had been liking these books a lot, but things just didn't click for me with this one. 

I had always liked Evan - who has been part of this series since book one - as he's the older brother of the hero in Flat-Out Sexy - and he was nice even though he always remained in the background; and yeah, I liked him still in this story. 

I did have a big problem with Kendall - who was kind of childish and a bit of a wimp - and the fact that this is one of those cases where the "Big Misunderstanding Plot" doesn't work, because the Big Misunderstanding turns out to be kind of... stupid.

Bottom Line: Have to say this wasn't a stellar addition to the Fast Track Series. I liked the old characters that came back from the first three books, and I liked Evan -who's a fairly decent guy - but I didn't like the heroine or her friend (who's geared up to be the protagonist of the next book, Slow Ride, to be released in October, 2011). So, for me, this was a bit of a book fail.

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