July 6, 2011

Book Review: The Orphan Sister by Gwendolen Gross

Orphan Sister
At First Sight: Clementine Lord has always felt a little like the odd one out in her family. She's one of a set of triplets, only that her other two sisters are identical while she's only a fraternal twin; and though she has a strong connection to her sisters Odette and Olivia, that connection is not as strong as the one they have with each other. 

Odette and Olivia both followed in their father's footsteps and became doctors - and winners of the parental approval - while Clementine is just now trying to get into Veterinarian school.

But one day, their father goes missing, which forces the family dynamics to change, as they uncover a big secret of their father's past.

Second Glance: I wasn't sure what to expect from this book but it seemed like an interesting premise. And in some ways it was an interesting book. We get a glimpse at the comings and goings of the Lord family. Mom is distant and absent, Dad is a controling freak; and the girls, while close, have their own problems. 

I liked the connection between the three sisters, over all. Some parts rang true to me and some didn't - I have a large, mostly female family, so I get sisterhood. But I'm sad to say that I found Clementine a bit boring. Not to mention that the there are a series of flashbacks through out the book, and at times it was confusing to follow who was talking and if it was the present or the past.

And I didn't care at all for the Mom or the Dad, they were both kind of cartoonish.

Bottom Line: Sadly, The Orphan Sister was not a book for me. I felt like Clementine thought a lot but did very little most of the time, and I had a hard time liking her.

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