July 4, 2011

Book Review: Athena the Wise by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams

Athena the Wise
At First Sight: There is a new kid at Mount Olympus Academy and Athena - the principal's daughter and goddess of wisdom - is asked by her dear ol' dad to help him fit in. 

Athena knows all too well how difficult is to be the new kid at school - as she came to MOA just a few months earlier - so she's happy to help Heracles as much as she can. Particularly after she learns that he has to complete 12 Labors in order to stay at the Academy for good. 

Athena has never been particularly adventurous, and generally prefers to spend her time studying, but she quickly realizes that she and Heracles make a good team and become fast friends. 

While helping Heracles with his labors, Athena comes across a challenge of her own.

Second Glance: Athena the Wise is the 5th book in the Goddess Girls series, and its as adorable as ever! I do love this series and it's so cute to see how these goddesses, gods and heroes deal with the challenges they are famous for.

I really liked Heracles, he's very sweet in this story, if a little free with the swinging of his club. And Athena was nice too. They made a good pair and definitely had a bit of the 'opposites attract' vibe going on. 

At first I thought Athena's own challenge was a bit random, but it made sense at the end and it was fun. Heracles labors were more or less what I remembered them to be and they didn't take a huge amount of time; so they helped keep a fast pace with the story. I actually kind of liked the parts where Heracles and Athena were together more than when she was alone.

I also loved seeing the other Goddess Girls, particularly Persephone, who has always been my favorite. On a personal note, I love how Persephone and Hades are, like, the It couple of MOA; and I would love for them to be featured in another book (though the only other myth I can recall that involves them is the one of Orpheus and Eurydice), they are so cute.

Bottom Line:Another great addition to a lovely series, I really liked it and I can't wait for Aphrodite the Diva, where they tackle another of my favorite myths (Pygmalion and Galatea).

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