July 31, 2011

At The Movies: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2


I'm really not going to write about the plot of the movie, since A) is spoilerish, and b) you probably know already, anyway.

I just want to say that I really liked Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2!!!

I went with my family on Thursday 14th (7:30 PM, which was awesome because everyone else had to work the next day); and then again a couple of days ago.

Going to one of the first showings is always an experience and this time it was just great. People were gathering at the theater since around 4:30 - and my sister and I were the third in line!!! - but around 6 the theater manager came and said we could wait in our seats - which was great because for 7.1, they made us wait outside for three hours!!!

As for the movie itself, it was great. It covers roughly the last third of the book and most of the things I really liked about that part of the book made it into the movie. 

Though I'm still bummed my two most favorite parts of the book - Kretcher's Tale and when they visit Luna's place and see her art work- didn't quite make it into the first movie. 

The final battle for Hogwarts was quite cool, though I felt it lacked a bit of dynamism - I kept thinking I wanted some Helm's Deep LOtR awesomeness - but it was good all around.

I loved professor McGonagall! She's my hero! And I loved Neville and Luna. And I also took the chance to lust a little after Jason Isaccs because the man is just so damn hot, even when playing a run down Lucius. 

Anyway, I do highly recommend you go see this movie (though you probably already did!) and I give it an A-, plus my Mom's seal of approval (as in she DIDN'T Fall asleep during the movie, which is so rare).

Love, Alex.

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