March 7, 2011

List Maniac #19 - Favorite Best Friends (of YA)

Couldn't resist another favorite list. This time I'm going to talk about the friends, those awesome sidekicks that bring so much life into a book. Here are some of my favorite:

Tina Hakim Baba - The Princess Diaries
Tina is everything a best friend should be: she's supportive no matter what, but also deals out the truth when it's needed (though she always does it in a very sweet way, and not at all trying to impose her beliefs). Tina is an avid romance reader and all around positive person, one of those people that always make me feel like I should give them a hug.

Even with her outlandish outfits the reason why Kristy always draws attention is because she's so full of life - something Macy is sort of missing at the beginning of The Truth About Forever. She's positive and no-nonsense, and just bubbly. Plus, she goes with the flow and gives great advice.

Even though she's currently living across the country, whenever Virginia needs her the most, Shannon is there. One would think the distance would make their friendship shaky, but it isn't. Sure, both Shannon and Virgina make other friends in their time apart, but remain a good constant in each other's lives. Their friendship is Virginia's safe haven, and who wouldn't want a friendship like that?

Marcy, Bex and Liz - Gallagher Girls
Being a Gallagher Girl means a lot more than just going to a fancy school for spies, they are a sisterhood. Marcy, Bex and Liz are Cameron's best friends - she's the narrator of the Gallagher series - and each of them brings something different and uniquely good to her life. Marcy has common sense, Bex is fearless and Liz is a clumsy genius with hidden depths. So different all four girls are, but together they make one unstoppable team.

Though all of Francesca's friends (The Psycho Girls) are awesome in their own ways, I chose Justine for this list because she's the type of girl who wants someone to think of her as their rock. She's quirky and marches to the beat of her own drum, but she also has a wonderful giving spirit and is incredibly protective of her friends. She's the the kind of friend who enters your life and remains forever.

And that's my list!

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