March 21, 2011

Book Review: Things You Either Hate or Love by Brigid Lowry

Love or hate
At First Sight: Georgia is fifteen and obsessed with going to see her favorite band, Natural Affinity, in concert. She has a mental love affair with the band's lead singer Jakob and currently is basing her whole life on going to see him.

This prompts her to get a string of jobs - each worse than the last -  even as other things in her life start to complicate, like the fact that she's growing apart from her best friend Mel.

Family and personal drama just keeps pouring over her as she tries to stick to her plan to see the band.

Second Glance: Things You Either Hate or Love  is what I would describe as a quiet book where nothing much happens. I usually don't mind, I'm all for Slice of Life stories, but I have to say that I could never really connect to Georgia, that - though at times she could be very funny - I grew tired of her inner monologue about how she's fat and how her family is all crazy. Also found the treatment of the death of her father when she was four a little strange, something about the tone didn't quite seem right.

Aussie Cover and Title
Plus, I never really grew to like anyone in her inner circle, I particularly didn't like her best friend Mel. I don't know why.

Bottom Line: With an uneven pace and a bit all over the place, Things You Either Hate or Love is an unremarkable book that I can't see myself re-reading.


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