March 13, 2011

At the Movies: Morning Glory

Morning Glory
Becky (Rachel McAdams) just got fired from her job producing a small, morning TV show in New Jersey. Her dream has always been to work for The Today Show, but at 28 and just when people start to tell her her dream is never going to happen, Becky will take any job producing. 

That's how she lands on Daybreak, a mediocre morning show - which is under staffed, under paid and unwatched -  boasting the worst ratings in network TV. But, as Becky sees it, at least is network TV, and she's not someone to be afraid of  challenges.

Daybreak comes with it's own cast of quirky characters both in front and behind the cameras, From Colleen (Diane Keaton), the female host of the show who has been there for years, watching co-hosts and producers come and go, to a crazy weather man and the senior producer and the other underlings. 

On her first day on the job, Becky fires the male host of the show and finds herself having to dig into all sorts of barrels to find a new co-host, finally taking the plunge and asking Mike (Harrison Ford),  a very respected news anchor who's career is on the gutter, to take the spot. But he might be more trouble than he's worth. 

Always a hard worker, Becky throws herself into making Daybreak a success, even when it starts to cost her her personal life.

I loved Morning Glory! I was waiting for months for it to come out here in my neck of the woods - even though it's already out on DVD in the States. It was such an honestly funny movie, there were parts where I was laughing uncontrollably, full belly-laughs, and there is a little bit of everything: there is drama and fun and so much heart to this movie. I loved seeing the dynamics of the show, and how all these people that work together start to become a family.

Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton were amazing, their performances spot on without ever falling in the ridiculous, and this movie just made me love Rachel McAdams even more (I'm her fan since she played Regina George).

Also, Morning Glory has a great cross-generational appeal, and you could totally go with your Mom and not feel embarrassed by anything that's happening. I love that, because outside Disney and so-called Family Movies, that's so rare.

I can't recommend this movie enough, go see it or buy it if you can. 
I give it an A+ and 


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