March 15, 2011

Book Review: Hungry for You by Lynsay Sands

Hungry for You
At First Sight: Cale Valens - part of the extended Argeneau clan - agreed to take an extended vacation in Toronto at the urge of his aunt Marguerite, who claims there is a woman he just has to meet. Since he's an immortal over 2000 years old, Cale figures there is no harm in  meeting this woman, particularly since everyone seems to have so much faith in Marguerite's matchmaking abilities.

Still, nothing prepares him for meeting Alexandra Willan, a gifted chef in the midst of opening her second restaurant. With her two sisters already mated to immortals, the chances of Alex being a life-mate were slim to none, but it takes Cale the space of a heartbeat to realize she's it. He can't read her mind or control her actions, and after just a glance at her, all his appetites - long dormant - blazed back into life.

Alex can't help to like - and even feel attracted to -Cale when he arrives at her restaurant in the middle of a crisis in the disguise of a talented Chef (though it has been over a thousand years since he last cooked anything), but trusting him is another matter. Both her heart and her mind have been messed up before, and trust is something she just doesn't handle outright, making things for Cale just a little bit more complicated, but so much fun to read.

Second Glance: Hungry For You is the first Argeneau book I have picked up after a long time - I read Single, White, Vampire a long, long time ago - mostly because of my friend Kylie's Review@The Creative Geek. I asked her and she said that it was fine to read it on it's own - and really, it is, I had no problem understanding or anything. 

And I have to say that I really loved it. It was funny - many times it made me snort with laugher - and for the most part it read like a contemporary romance rather than a Vampire book, and that was awesome (because I don't usually dig vampires). I liked how the 'vampire' was part of the story but not the most esential part, the main focus was always on the couple.

I did feel the ending like a bit over the top, but it was all in good fun. Plus, since I borrowed this in audio form, I have to say that I really liked the narrator's voice, I loved how he made Cale sound, with the slight but still very understandable French accent.

Bottom Line: A sexy, light-hearted read that I highly recommend, even if you, like me, aren't a vampire fan.

Favorite Quote: "...Mortal women do have free will, you know. And contrary to what the movie claims, Earth girls aren't easy." - Bricker

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