March 25, 2011

Book Review: Healing Hearts by Taryn Kincaid

Healing Heats
I don't much care for this cover
At First Sight: Emma Whiteside is angry and in dire need of help. Ever since her brother died during the war a year ago, her life has been going from bad to worse and now she has reached the end of her rope as her father has disappeared, leaving her to deal with ever growing debts. 

Her only comfort comes from blaming everything on Adam Caldwell, Viscount Riverton, the man who - when she was but eight years old -she made promise her to wait until she was old enough to marry him, and the official in charge of her brother when he was killed. 

Now Adam is back, hurt and damaged, both physically and mentally, but driven by a desperate need to make things better for Emma. 

Second Glance: Healing Hearts is a short, cute romp of a story. It's a very short novella, perfect for a nice hour or two reading. The characters were nice and likable but I do think the over all story would have benefited from more length as to develop everything more.

As it is, it was a cute and quick read - everything happens over the course of a day -and I really liked that Emma and Adam knew each other from before, so it was easier to believe their interactions.

Healing Hearts was published by Carina Press - imprint of Harlequin - which specializes on digital first books, so this one is only available in electronic formats as of now.

Bottom Line: For the short story that it is, I enjoyed it a lot. Simple, cute and surprisingly steamy. 

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