September 20, 2010

Wed Under Wester Skies

Wed western skiesWed Under Western Skies is an anthology including 3 stories by 3 authors, all three stories are historical Americana set in the West. I'm going to do short reviews of each story.

Abandoned by Carolyn Davidson tells the story of Elizabeth Travis, a young woman who was left half dead after a group of Indians raided the wagon trail where she traveled with her father.

Elizabeth was found the next day by Cameron Montgomery, a scout for another wagon trail making its way to Oregon. Cam is immediately taken by Elizabeth, even in her bruised state, and takes her with him. Vowing in an instant to keep her safe forever. There is one problem though, Elizabeth doesn't remember who she is.

I liked Abandoned, it was a quick read and I did sort of believe the connection between Cam and Elizabeth and, over all, was a very well rounded story. Rating 3.5/5

Almost a Bride by Cheryl St. John brings us back to Copper Creek, where we get re-acquainted with Charmaine Renlow - from both Sweet Annie and His Second Hand Wife (which I LOVE). Over the years, Charmaine has seen all of her friends marry and start their own families, patiently waiting for her beau to finally propose, but he has been dragging his feet.

Jack Easton just moved to the outskirts of Cooper Creek so his young son can go to school with the rest of the local children, he has no intention to bring a woman into his life - he was happy with his first wife, but doesn't want to marry again - he mostly wants to be left alone. But, while working together on a project for the school, Charmaine and Jack are thrown together and they can help to be a bit fascinated about each other.

I loved Almost a Bride, my only complaint is that it was so short! I had been waiting to read Charmaine's story for a long time (and it was a big to do for me to get my paws on this book since it's out of print!!!) and I really think she deserved her own book. Jack was a nice hero for her. But yeah, definitely wished for more! Rating 4/5.

His Brother's Bride by Jenna Kernan tells the story of Nate Justice - owner of a hardware shop and a saloon in Colorado city - who reluctantly marries his brother's widow, Clara, to take care of her and of his niece Kitty. Clara is quite desperate so she agrees to Nate's marriage proposal and moves all the way from New York to Colorado. He doesn't think he's good enough for her and she doesn't think she's good enough for him either.

And that's why I didn't care much for this story. From the start they both feel inadequate due to things that happened in their pasts and that's understandable but it also got a bit annoying how many times. Clara lives terrified of her past coming back, but well, won't spoil. Rating 2.9/5

Over all

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