September 17, 2010

At the Movies: Saved!

SavedHere it comes! the last installment of Back to School Movies!!!


Mary is a devout Christian and believes that God has a plan and a reason for everything, so she tries to follow that plan, even when it tells her to have sex with her boyfriend to cure him from his gay-tendencies, she goes and does it.

Only that her boyfriend gets sent to Mercy House - a sort of gay-no-more camp - and she ends up pregnant.

Soon, what promised to be a great year in Mary's life starts to turn sour, especially after her one-time-friend Hillary Faye (Mandy Moore) turns against her while Mary tries to hide her pregnancy. Luckily, Mary finds unexpected allies in Cassandra - the only Jewish student in the school - and Hillary Faye's brother.

And even though boys is the last thing Mary wants to think about, she can't help to think about Patrick - the pastor's son - who seems to want to be with her no matter what.

I know it sounds like I've said a few offensive things while trying to summarize this story but really, the movie isn't about that. It's not anti-christian or anti-gay or anti-anything. I've always thought it's about finding friends in unexpected places and coming to terms with what having faith really means.

The fact that it all happens during a school year, makes it good for back to school entertainment.
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  1. I LOVE this movie. My favorite part is when Hillary Faye tries to capture Jena Malone's character and hit her with the Bible and Malone grabs it and says "this is NOT a weapon". It is so beyond funny. Great choice!

  2. Whatever happened to Mandy Moore? I've never heard of this before though.


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