September 30, 2010

Series Review - Switching Places by Christina Dodd

Okay, it isn't a long series, more like a duology but felt like reviewing them together.

ScandalousScandalous Again
After four years of traveling the continent, Lady Madeline, future duchess of Magnus, is finally back home. She rather not talk about why she left - a.k.a. her blotched engagement to a man she loved - and rather just wants to enjoy being home for a while. Not that it will be possible, since her loving but unreliable father lost her in a game of cards and now she's betrothed to a complete stranger.

Not one to sit on her hands and let things happen, Madeline sets out with her cousin/companion Eleanor, to find Mr. Knight, her new betrothed and set things to rights.

However, on her way there. Eleanor and Madeline learn that some notorious gentleman has organized The Game of the Century. Maddie, knowing that her father is likely to show up since he can't resist a good gamble, and that he'll probably gamble away her most prized possession, decides to switch places with Eleanor, sending her ahead to meet and dissuade Mr. Knight from marrying her while Maddie stays behind to intercept her father and make him leave.

Maddie is hired as a companion for young Lady Thomasin and goes to the house party organized in celebration of The Game. Once there she comes face to face with the reason she left England: Gabriel Ansell, Earl of Campion.

Gabriel has his own agenda to be at the party but he's rather pleased that fate put Maddie back into his path, for he has many unresolved business with her and he shall have his revenge, one way or another.

KissOne Kiss From You
Miss Eleanor de Lacy has seen her share of her cousin Lady Maddie's crazy schemes and she's sure this one is the craziest one yet. However, she finds herself she's powerless to fight her off once Maddie decides to change places with her. So she's sent off to London, impersonating her cousin, to try to stall Maddie's unwanted betrothed.

Once in London, Eleanor meets Mr. Remington Knight - a.k.a. the man who won Maddie's hand in a game of cards - and finds herself semi-imprisoned in his house. Fabulously wealthy, Mr. Knight is intent on marrying the future duchess of Magnus and extract vengeance on her father, for he holds the entire de Lacy family responsible for the tragedies of his past.

However, Mr. Knight is quickly fascinated by this Lady Madelaine and will use anything and everything at his disposal to tie her to him. But, as the wedding day approaches and the real Maddie doesn't show up, Eleanor must decide how far will she take this masquerade and how much is she willing to risk to gain her heart's desire.

Okay, so I'm reviewing these two books together because they go together.

I just read them back to back and I have to say that they are both funny and entertaining. I felt more connected to Eleanor's story because I found Maddie a bit selfish at times but they were both nice heroines. In the hero department, however, I found Gabriel more charming than Remington - I liked his sense of humor more.

There is intrigue and romance in both these stories and they are good options to spend a nice afternoon reading.

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