September 24, 2010

Hard and Fast by Erin McCarthy

Hard and FastTy McCordle - stock car driver - has always sort of gone for the same type of Barbie-look-a-like girl. So he's a bit surprised when he finds himself attracted to Imogen Wilson - a friend of a friend's wife - who's smart as hell and always speaks her mind.

Imogen is always a bit uneasy around Ty, mostly because she also finds herself inexplicably attracted to him. Her uneasiness grows when she decides to base her sociology doctorate thesis on a book that promises to help any girl marry a stock car race driver in 6 easy steps.

But when things conspire to throw them together, and a few hot kisses later, Imogen finds herself spending more and more time with Ty, immersing herself in his world while struggling with a thesis that has never finished clicking for her.

Okay, so Hard and Fast is the second book of the Fast Track series and I was looking very much forward to reading it because I really liked the first one (Flat-Out Sexy). And I liked Imogen and Ty but I didn't find the book as charming as the first one.

They sort of plunge into a relationship while trying to work out their different insecurities and personal hang ups. One thing I did like, though, is that Imogen doesn't beat about the bush about why she has that dating manual when Ty finds it - which could have let to awkward and misunderstandings but they handled it like adults.

The book is over all good.

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