September 14, 2010

As Seen on TV: Eagerly Awaiting for Fall!

Summer is nearly over - though it has been a very damp and cold summer this year here in my corner of the woods - and the hype for the Fall Season is getting to me. So here are the shows I'm eagerly awaiting for, this Fall.

As I've said before, Supernatural used this awesome show that I always forgot to watch. During the first three seasons I liked it if I remembered to watch it but I wasn't obsessed. Then, one night last year I couldn't sleep and I watched "Lazarus Rising", the first episode of season four. I was in love.

Season Five just took everything into the next level and was surprisingly funny. The struggle that Sam and Dean went through to re-build their friendship and brotherhood was awesome. The end of Season five was so satisfying... so much that I sort of can't imagine where they are taking this series next and I can't wait to see it all unfold before my eyes.

Big Bang TheoryThe Big Bang Theory
I'm a geeky girl at heart - I even got my biology degree to prove it! - and when I saw The Big Bang Theory it was like a match made in heaven. I love Penny and Sheldon (featured them in my favorite TV couples list, actually lots of these shows were in the list! *giggle*) and the effect they have with each other, for me they are the best of the show.

Last season was awesomely fun, and I can't wait to see Season 4, and Sheldon actually having a relationship! With a woman! (aside from Penny who's really more like his Mom).

How I Met Your MotherHow I Met Your Mother
This Series stole my heart when I caught a marathon in TV a few years ago. Since then I've followed Ted in his quest to find "The Mother" and just in generally living an awesome life.

I love the Robin Sparkles' episodes and whenever Barney comes into the scene. Marshall and Lily continue to entrain me and well, I do like Ted and his idealism, her quest to find love and everything he dreamed of.

Booth and Brennan and all the mysteries they try to solve - which are cool and all but, you know, not the point of the series - I love, love, love them. Can't wait for the day when they finally get together. Meanwhile I just like seeing Brennan being her emotionally constipated self and how Booth makes her confront those feelings she doesn't want o feel.

Plus, by now I have a real emotional investment with everyone else in the show, like Cam, Angela, Hodgins and Sweets, and the rotation of squints. From what I hear, there will be some shake ups coming to the Jeffersonian in the next season, and I'll be glued to the TV watching!

Modern FamilyModern Family
A mockumentary of what it means to be a family in the 21st Century. I admit I waited until mid-season to catch up with the first half of this series, I kept hearing it was great but I wasn't sure until I took the plunge. It took abo
ut 3 minutes before I was laughing and there has not been one episode where I haven't laughed like a maniac. Recently I showed the episodes to my sister and she loves it.

Three very different approaches to life and parenting, but they all got one thing in common: love.

Glee is my Love-Hate show, sometimes I love it sometimes I just want the episode to be over *cough*Madonna*cough*. But I watch it anyway because I love music and I love the way they sing - songs like Bad Romance or The Boys Is Mine, I only like when I hear them sung by the Glee Cast - and I love Sue Sylvester.

Plus this is one of the few shows my sister and I agree to watch together, and last Christmas I spent four days in Texas watching the series with my dear cousin Anabel and we all really bonded over it. This season I'm really looking forward to Kurt getting some loving and more from Santana and Britney, and to hear Puck sing more because I <3 his singing voice. Okay, so that's what I can't wait for this new season! What about you guys?



  1. i LOVE Supernatural. I started watching it when it first started but missed a lot of episodes of the first season. I stopped watching the 3rd season since I lived in an apartment alone and it was a little freaky.
    Now I have my fiancé hooked on it and it's one show we never miss.
    There is a new writer for this season and I believe they are going in a different direction now.

  2. Oh man, I can't wait for Supernatural. I've watched all the episodes like a thousand times each and am dying for the new season to start already! I can't wait to see what they do with Cas and where the boy's journey will take them now!

    I also love Glee. It's pretty hard not to. It always leaves me feeling so happy!

  3. Of all of those shows, the only show that I watch is Glee. I've watched one episode of The Big Bang Theory and I laughed my butt off but I always forget what time it comes on and what channel that it always slips my mind and then I forget all about it.

    I'm weird, I know this. =)

    I also wanted to watch Supernatural a long time ago but then I fell behind and was too lazy to netflix all of the seasons but one of these days, I just might. Dean is one yummy piece of man! =)

  4. I can't wait for Supernatural or How I Met Your Mother either! More that I'm looking forward to returning are Fringe and Chuck.

    I've given you an award at

  5. i can't wait for glee and how i met your mother! i might try to watch more of modern family this year too! i have kind of stopped watching the other three, but I used to like them a lot too :)

  6. I've just discovered this blog and decided to love it a few posts ago purely on what I've read, Then I discovered that you're Someone who loves to read, has a love-hate relationship with Glee and loves Supe totally deserves my total loyalty. We should be best friends :P


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