September 7, 2010

As Seen on TV: Drop Dead Diva

Drop Dead DivaWhen aspiring model/actress Deb died in a car-crash she decided she was not ready to let go of life yet. Not used to not getting what she wants, Deb caused a bit of a stir up in heaven and ended up being sent back to earth, and to the body of Jane Bingum, an overachiever lawyer who also happens to be a physical opposite of Deb's former appearance.

Jane is plus-sized, dark haired and a few years older than Deb was, Deb - formerly blond, thin and gorgeous - is not too happy about that but since the choice is Jane's life or no life, Deb settles into her new identity, reluctantly at first but eventually growing to like herself with the help of the only two people who know what's really going on; her guardian angel Fred and her best friend Stacy.

There is also another perk to being Jane (aside from her money and awesome car) as it turns out Deb's fiance now works at the same law firm Jane does. And if Deb was not ready to let go of life, she's way more unprepared to let go of Grayson.

When during the summer of 2009 I happened to watch the first episode of Drop Dead Diva I experienced a case of love at first sight. From the start this series was funny and had lots of heart. Deb's struggle to settle into a life completely different than her own, the way she found herself caring for other people - while before she had been a little shallow - and how she tries to make peace with a body image that her former-self would have found unacceptable is awesome to watch.

This summer, with the second season, I loved to see Jane grow, she doesn't think herself as Deb so much anymore even though she still loves Grayson, and I loved this episode where Deb thanks Jane for all the things she gave her unknowingly, like an awesome singing voice; dark shinny hair and a brain that has never let her down (I admit I cried at that a bit), because it's not that Deb was dumb but she relied on her looks to get her by.

The second season ended in a huge cliffhanger, true, and I'm already counting the days till it's summer again and I can continue enjoying her adventures.

And I couldn't let summer end without mentioning Drop Dead Diva, 'cause it did liven many a weekend these last few months.

Take your time to catch up and don't miss it next year!

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  1. Movie AND show twin!!!

    I didn't get to finish the first season but I have a friend who owns the DVD and I'm planning on borrowing it from her. I lurve Grayson and Fred :)


    Like you, I fell hard for this show after the first episode. I thought it was such a cute and funny episode that I had to know what was going to happen next. I'm so glad that I stuck with this show because I have come to love Stacy, Jane, Grayson and Fred so much. Even Parker and who would have thought...Kim.

    Such a good show!


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