March 20, 2010

Too Good To Be True by Kristan Higgins

Too Good To Be TrueHistory teacher and Civil War enthusiast Grace Emerson always found comfort in her imaginary boyfriends - the perfect guys she made up to help her cope at different stages of her life - and she saw no harm in her occasional fantasies about them.

Making up Wyatt Dunn, M.D. seemed like a good idea when Grace found her younger sister Natalie crying and about to break up with her boyfriend Andrew - who also happened to be Grace's ex-fiance - because Nat felt so guilty and was afraid that Grace was not over Andrew.

Coming home that night, Grace met her new neighbor Callahan O'Shea, who's tall, dark and handsome... and she hit him in the head with a hockey stick. For a while it seemed like all Grace did around Callahan was cause him bodily injuries (not to mention that her dog, Angus, was fond of biting his boots).

But the more she gets to know him, the more Grace grew to like him, and the less she needed Wyatt.

Too Good To Be True was a very nice read, light and fluffy. I loved Grace, who armed with her dog, her best friend Julian and sisters, went about her life filled with her students, Angus' antics and lots of Civil War reenactments. Callahan is my favorite hero by Kristan Higgins so far, he's charming and a little mysterious but also kind.

I liked Grace's older sister Margaret, she could be abrasive but she was also fun. And the scenes with Julian were just such a delight to read. The rest of Grace family, well, her mom was very annoying -sorry, she was! - and I'm sad to say I've noticed most of the moms in Kristan Higgins' books are that way, but oh well.


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