March 13, 2010

In the Cards: Life by Mariah Fredericks

In the first two books, a set of tarot cards predicted the future for Syd's two best friends Anna and Eve, and in this third installment of In the Cards, it's finally Syd's turn.

As the summer begins, Syd's world seems to be imploding as her Dad's behavior becomes more erratic and she can't hide from the fact that he might have a drinking problem. Syd wishes for someone to listen but Anna is having troubles with Nelson and Eve is obsessed with an upcoming audition for a TV show.

When her need to know overrides her fear to know, Syd finally dares to ask the cards a few questions but the cards do little to reassure her (especially since her last card turns out to be "Death"). That only brings more conflicts for Syd, she hoped and wanted her friend's readings to be true - because they promised what they wanted - but she does not want her own reading to be so.

Yet, when the time comes, she leaves her beloved (and sick) cat Beesley under her father's care, to go with Eve to her audition, clinging to the hope that her Dad will be okay caring for her cat and that things will be okay.

But will they?

Syd's book hit so close to home for me, I'm the worrier of my family and I could understand Syd's fears and questions and the "What if's?" that plagued her. She has always been my favorite of these trio of friends and I was happy to read her story even though it dealt with slightly, lets say, darker themes than the first two books. But I'm happy to report that, even with that, Mariah Fredericks delivered a wonderful book.

I loved seeing other aspects of Syd's life, like her relationship with Mark - Eve's older brother - and Liz and the true love she had for animals and music; and I loved seeing her find her courage and strength.

In the Cards: Life gets:

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