March 18, 2010

Runaway by Meg Cabot

WARNING! Spoilers of Airhead and Being Nikki.

It has not been the best of Christmas Breaks for Em Watts, after finding out that the original owner of her current body, Nikki Howard, is still alive - though in an entirely different body - she was forced to lie to her best friend and love of her life Christopher and has been virtually kidnapped, along with the rest of the Howards, by Brandon Stark.

Once back in New York, Em's problems just get bigger as the Stark Angels Fashion Show - where she's supposed to wear the million dollar bra - comes closer and she and her friends start to unveil the secret that might have made Robert Stark want to kill Nikki Howard in the first place.

Runaway takes everything we have learned during the first two books and kicks it up a notch, making this book a fast paced ride. I love Em, I think she's a wonderful heroine who is really smart about most things, clueless about others and who still acts like a teenager; and I loved how she came to love herself in a way that perhaps she didn't before. It also says something nice about beauty - inside and out - which I shan't spoil.

Also, I love Lulu, Stephen, Frida and Felix, they always bring a certain something-something to every scene they step into. Loved the book.

starstarstarstar2/3Personal Favorite

(PS- Runaway comes out April 20th, 2010)

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