March 11, 2010

ReVamped and Vampalicious by Sienna Mercer

ReVampedRe-Vamped (Book 3)

The moment of truth is coming for Olivia and Ivy... while searching for the her birth parents (and the reason why Ivy is a vampire and Olivia is human) it becomes known that Ivy has revealed the secret existence of Vampires to her twin sister. Since that's the most sacred secret of vampires, Olivia now has to prove she's worthy of knowing and keeping the secret.

Meanwhile, Ivy's father drops a bomb: Not only he doesn't want to meet Olivia but he's also moving to Europe and taking Ivy with him.

VampaliciousVampalicious (Book 4)

*SPOILER ALERT for book 3*

In the wake of Olivia's being accepted into the vampire community (even though she's still human) and a huge discovery regarding the identity of their biological father, Ivy and Olivia are working against time to convince Ivy's dad to stay.

In this book we finally learn why Ivy is a Vamp and Olivia is a Bunny and you can't help to love these two sisters who, even though they might not fully understand the reason why they were separated, they understand that they love each other and that they need to stay together.

Both books are fun and light and it's lovely to read about sisters that get along.

Grades (tied for both books)
starstarstar 1/2

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