March 4, 2010

The Boy Book by E. Lockhart

Boy Book In The Boy Book, Ruby Oliver is back in the Tate Universe for her Junior year of high school, and at least some things seem to be looking up. Meghan and Noel are still her friends, and Nora (one of her former best friends) seems willing to talk to her again, Kim (her former BBF and boyfriend snatcher) is off to Japan for the semester and it looks like there is something-maybe going on with Angelo (one of the boys from the Boyfriend List). Oh and she has a new job at the Zoo, which she actually enjoys.

However, as in The Boyfriend List, not everything is smooth going for Ruby. Sure, she hasn't had a panic attack in a few months, but Kim is away and Jackson is sending her notes, she still doesn't know what she wants, has conflicting emotions about Angelo, Noel and Jackson, and her heart still aches for her former friends, specially when she reads The Book Book, which she had written with them in years past.

In the end, Ruby does find some clarity in unexpected ways and she made me proud. I found The Boy Book much more lighthearted than The Boyfriend List, and it was easier for me to get into the pace of things. Noel is so funny and the footnotes - since I expected them now - didn't distract me as much as in the previous book. I still think she has more standing up for herself to do but she's getting there and I like being along for her ride.



  1. You know, I enjoyed The Boyfriend List but haven't gotten a chance to continue on with the series. I really should, though especially after reading your review!

  2. I love those footnotes. And Noel. :D

    Nice review ;)


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