March 10, 2010

Heartless by Sara Shepard

HeartlessHeartless is the seventh book in the Pretty Little Liars Series. Some Spoilers apply.

We're back in Rosewood, PA for the seventh time and our Pretty Little Liars are, as usual, having a crappy time.

After the fire that nearly killed them at the end of the last book, the girls aren't getting much sympathy. For one, everyone is saying they are just seeking attention; some are even starting to believe they might have had something to do with Ali's murder.

Plus, secrets keep coming out of the woodwork.

Emily follows "A's" instructions and ends up in Lancaster - in the middle of an Amish community - and makes some surprising discoveries about certain member of Rosewood PD. Aria thinks that Ali's ghost might be trying to tell her something and her quest to find out what that something is leads her to find understanding in a very unexpected place. Spencer begins to rebuild her strained relationship with her parents... only to see it crumbling down again. And Hanna gets shipped off to a mental health clinic, much against her will, and soon the fact that she can only talk to her new boyfriend once a week is the least of her problems.

Okay, so this is what's getting to be my problem with this series: I get that we all have secrets but why does EVERYBODY has to go around acting guilty? More over, most of the 'adult's are starting to resemble cartoons, especially the police.

I seriously have no idea how Sara Shepard is going to wrap up this story because right now it looks like too many lose ends. But I'm willing to find out, so I guess that counts for something.


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