September 3, 2009

Sea Lord by Virginia Kantra

Sea Lord
We have met the Hunters in Sea Witch and Sea Fever, first two books of the Children of the Sea series. The first two stories were about the brothers, Caleb and Dylan, the third one, Sea Lord, is about their little sister Lucy.

No one has ever thought much of Lucy Hunter, she's quiet, unremarkable, well liked but always in the background. Lucy doesn't think much of herself either, her mother abandoned her when she was just a baby and though her brother Caleb did the best he could to raise her, he grew up and made his own life.

Conn app Lyrr is the Prince of the selkies, Lord of the Seas and has been ruling in his father's stead for almost a thousand years. But, with ever decreasing numbers of selkies and demons plotting to bring the children of the sea into hell's war against heaven and humans, Conn has a vision that he feels holds the key to their survival, and that vision is all about Lucy.

Why? He doesn't know, she's human - though her bloodline as Atargantis' daughter makes her valuable - and she's not particularly pretty, but if a long foretold prophecy holds true (the one that says that a daughter of Atargantis' house will change the balance in the power between the Elementals), then Conn needs Lucy. What's more, he wants her.

So, Conn sets out to get what he needs, no matter the cost.

Well, I had the same pet peeve with this book as I did with Sea Fever, I'm sorry to say that selkies often come off as selfish and almost petty. Conn is all about what he needs and what he wants and if it makes Lucy uncomfortable then too bad for her. Lucy does begin to come to her strenghts and that is nice to see but still, Conn acts jerky almost all through the book. I definitely liked the first book of the series, Sea Witch, more.



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