September 22, 2009

Ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley

ghostgirlSmart, romantic and almost invisible Charlotte Usher was in the process of being noticed by her long time crush Damen - the most popular boy at Hawthorne High - by landing the gig of his lab partner, but then she ran out of time and choked to death on a gummy bear, of all things.

Almost right after, Charlotte wakes up and finds herself in Dead Ed with a bunch of other kids who have also died. They all have unsolved business, something they need to do before going, well, wherever they will go.

Charlotte, however, is not ready to be done with life, and when she finds out that Scarlet - Damen's girlfriend's little sister - can see her, Charlotte begins to plot away, thinking that maybe there is still 'something' to be done about Damen. But, of course, in life -and in death - things are never easy.

Will Charlotte get her time in the spotlight? Well, read the book and find out.

I found Ghostgirl to be quite fun though the start was a little slow, it picked speed as it went on and I ended quite liking it and greatly enjoying the Pop Culture references. And I absolutely loved the book's design which is full of cool imagery and little details. Also, Damen and Scarlet were great characters - not quite protagonists but I think a little more than secondary - and gave certain aliveness to the story that sometimes Charlotte lacked.

In any case, and even though the book is self-conclusive, it still left me wanting to read the sequel Ghostgirl: Homecoming.



PS - Be sure to check the ghostgirl site, it's pretty cool.

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