September 26, 2009

Tempt Me At Twilight by Lisa Kleypas

Tempt Me At Twilight CoverPoppy Hathaway has always longed for normalcy, but that is something very hard to obtain when you're a Hathaway - her brother's inherited viscountcy gave them entry to high society, but they have never quiet fit, her two older sisters are married to gypsies and her younger sister is a part time kleptomaniac and a full time animal lover/rescuer.

As her third London season draws to an end, Poppy's dreams are about to come true since she's secretly almost betrothed to the very respectable (and normal) Michael Bayning, and they will make their relationship public as soon as he can convince his father to accept the match.

However, a stolen letter and a casual encounter with Harry Rutledge change the course of Poppy's life forever. Harry is a successful hotelier and inventor, too smart for his own good and too lonely for words. From the moment he meets Poppy, he decides she's the woman for him and decides to make her his, no matter what or who stands in his way.

The third installment of the Hathaway Series is, so far, my favorite. Before -during Mine Till Midnight and Seduce Me at Sunrise - I never felt much connection to Poppy, the most 'normal' of the Hathaway clan, but in this one I felt the connection instantly, beautiful but awkward Poppy longs for normalcy though she very much loves her eccentric family.

Harry was intriguing, during various of Lisa Kleypas' previews books we have heard of the Rutledge Hotel and it's mysterious and reclusive owner, here we finally get to meet him and see the inner workings of the hotel. Harry is charming and devilish and single minded. He has never known family-like affection and he tells himself he doesn't want it, until he finds himself tangled with the Hathaways.

I found Tempt Me At Twilight to be very funny - laugh out loud funny, which is rare for Historical Romance, but maybe that's just my sense of humor - and sweet, the story flowing and fast paced. We also get to catch up with the rest of the Hathaways, and unveil parts of a mystery that leads into the next book Married by Morning (out in the Summer of 2010).

There is one plot twist that I didn't like, that I felt it came out of nowhere, which keeps me from giving this book perfect score. Even so, I think Tempt Me At Twilight, is possibly my second favorite Lisa Kleypas book after Dreaming of You.

starstarstarstar2/3Personal Favorite


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