August 18, 2009

Sea Fever by Virginia Kantra

Sea FeverSea Fever by Virginia Kantra is the second book in her Children of the Sea trilogy, revolving around the Hunter siblings.

Single mother, Regina Barone has mixed feelings when the last eligible man in World's End, Maine gets married: though she's very happy for her friend Cal and his new wife Margred (from Sea Witch) she wonders if she'll ever meet the right man for her.

Dylan Hunter left the island some twenty years earlier, to follow his selkie mother into the sea. He returns to gather information on the doings of the children of the fire - read demons - who are trying to drag the children of the sea - selkies, finfolk - into their war against humans. Meeting Regina was not something he planed for, even though courting her gave him a good excuse to stay in the island without raising too many questions.

But Dylan doesn't do emotion - he's a selkie, he doesn't need to tangle himself with unnecessary human emotions - and Regina, though very attracted to him, has her kid to consider. Plus there is the present danger of a demon running around Word's End, ready to do harm.

Okay, so I enjoyed the first book and I was looking forward reading this one, mostly because I really liked Regina and her family but I had a hard time connecting with Dylan since for the most part he acts like a big baby and is so afraid of 'human emotion' that it gets annoying. The funny part is that Maggie was very similar to Dylan in the first book, and when she finally accepts her love for Caleb it was a "Yay!" moment, but with Dylan it was more of a "Grow up already!" moment.



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