September 5, 2009

The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong

The Awakening
Warnning: I'm going to assume you guys already read The Summoning (book one of this series) so some spoilers might show up.

A few weeks ago, Chloe Saunders was a regular girl, but that all changed the day she saw her first ghost. After being sent to Lyle House - a group home for mentally disturbed kids - she finds out she's not crazy at all, she's a Supernatural and her life might be in danger.

So, she runs away, ready to seek answers with the help of foster brothers Derek and Simon, and her new friend Rae - young Supernaturals like herself - but after they get separated, Rae and Chloe get taken by what they find is The Edison Group, a group of mostly supernaturals who claim to be trying to make life easier to supernaturals by using science.

In reality, though, The Edison Group has way more devious purposes than that. After realizing that Rae actually likes the Edison Group, Chloe escapes the Group's clutches with the help of Tori - a fellow housemate from Lyle House whom she doesn't like really but is forced to trust in until they can find Derek and Simon.

All too soon, the four of them are on the run again, to find answers and save their lives.

Oh! I loved this book, my only complain about The Summoning was that I found it slow at the beginning, there is nothing slow about The Awakening, things are happening left and right all the time. It's action packed, yet there is a lightheartedness too the story that keeps it from being oppressive, yes, Chloe, Derek, Simon and Tori are in the run for their lives, and everything - from their powers to whom they can trust outside the odd foursome - is uncertain, but they still mostly act like teens. Smart teens, but teens all the same.
starstarstarstar3/4Personal Favorite


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