September 15, 2009

Love Letters from a Duke by Elizabeth Boyle

Love Letters
Miss Felicity Langley has a goal in mind: to marry a Duke. Not just any old Duke will do, of course, she has her heart set on Lord Standon, heir to the Duke of Hollindrake, with whom she has been corresponding for near 4 years... or has she?

Certainly, Lord Standon stopped writing around the time his grandfather died and he became the new duke, but she's sure everything is an innocent oversight. They are practically engaged, anyway, and she's sure any moment he will come around and swept her off her feet. Conveniently, she has relocated to London along with her twin sister Tally and their dear cousin Pippen, and has 'borrowed' a house just a few blocks away from the Duke's.

The Duke in question, who really rather go by the name of Michael Thatcher, returned from Spain to find not only that he, the third son of a third son, was now the Duke but that his grandfather had practically betrothed him to Miss Langley. Not particularly intersted in marriage, Tatcher sets out to straighten things up with Felicity... only to arrive at her doorstep and be taken for a footman.

Thatcher knows he should tell Felicity the truth, but he also wants to find out what was on the letters Felicity wrote that made his very stuffy grandfather think she would make him a fine duchess and wife, so he sticks around, playing the part of footman as she gets to know Felicity with all her mad-cap notions and beguiling smiles.

This was the first Elizabeth Boyle book I have read and I was pleasantly surprised by it, it was full of humor and memorable characters. My only problem with it was that the mistaken identity plot went on for a little bit too much for my taste. But other than that the book is very enjoyable.

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