March 24, 2009

Violet on the Runway by Melissa Walker

VioletAlways a wallflower, Violet Greenfield thinks she's a plain nobody as she starts her senior year of high school and, even though she makes fun of the popular girls of her class with her friends, she secretly longs to be one of them.

So, when Angela shows up and tells Violet she could be a model and convinces her to fly her to New York for the castings for fashion week, Violet decides to grab the opportunity and run with it, not yet knowing where modeling will take her.

Well, Violet, the plain blah nobody from a high school in North Carolina, rocks New York Fashion Week, in the aftermath she rushes to finish high school and move to New York, where she becomes the new It Girl and everyone wants a piece of her, from the designers and photographers who criticize her like she's a piece of meat and Angela and her modeling agency to her club promoter somewhat boyfriend and Veronica her roommate and fellow model who gives her advice and back stabs her all in the same night and who has some dangerous behavior.

At the home front, things aren't going well, as Violet gets lost in modeling, partying and being the center of attention she starts to neglect her family and friends from back home and begins to forget herself because being Model Violet is so much fun but it also comes at a high cost.

I read the book the past weekend and it wasn't bad, it was not what I was expecting but I didn't love it - even though it has gotten pretty high reviews all over - it sounds like a somewhat accurate account of the modeling world but I never really grew to like Violet or her friends, fake and otherwise. The character I ended up liking best was Veronica.



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