March 16, 2009

Book Gossip (#2)

Book Gossip
Book Gossip #2

Just a quick note - About Blue Blood's 4th book The Van Alen Legacy
Well, basically, the pub date has been pushed back roughly a month; because Melissa de la Cruz wanted more time to work on it. So now the Pub date will be sometime in October.

She also confirmed a rumor I head a while back that, though the Blue Bloods will encompass roughly ten books, there will be three narrative arches. The first one will be mostly resolved in The Van Alen Legacy; and in book 5 a mini-trilogy will start, with another starting in book 8.

She also announced there is going to be a sort of spin off novel called Wolf Pact, so I'm guessing furry, cute werewolves will come into play at some point in The Van Alen Legacy

For more info, check Melissa's site FAQ

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