March 25, 2009

It Had To Be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Had to BeBe you

Phoebe Somerville - a beautiful New York girl, notorious for some paintings a famous Spanish painter did of her many years ago - is not quite ready to return to Chicago for her father's funeral. A father who neglected and humiliated and basically disown her years ago but who left her two things: custody of her little half sister Molly and the Chicago Stars football team.

Phoebe doesn't want anything to do with the team, she kind of hates it just as she hated her father and cousin - both of them Deserve to be hated Big Time - but she agrees to return to Chicago and be in charge for a while after the Stars' coach Dan Calebow convinces her to do so, letting her know that if the Stars flunk a lot of people will lose their job.

Phoebe and Dan don't like each other, they think they each represent what they hate most about the opposite gender. But they turn out to have more in common than what they first suspected.

For me this book was alright, I kind of liked Phoebe and I kind of liked Dan and the book was kind of interesting but it never finished clicking with me. And I really disliked Dan's relationship with his ex-wife. But I liked Molly and the other characters in the surroundings.




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