March 28, 2009

Nobody's Baby But Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Nobody Baby
Super smart Dr Jane Darlington is a prominent physicist who just turned 34 and wants a baby desperately, however, having grown up a 'freak' because she was a child prodigy and her father didn't know what do do with her, Jane wants to have an average kid (and she means it in the best way) and she figures the best way is to find someone 'dumb' to father her baby (to even out her super smart genes). She doesn't want a relationship, she just wants a baby.

By accident, while talking to her neighbors' 20-something daughter Jodie, she sees in the TV an interview with Cal Bonner the Chicago Stars' legendary quarterback who's mocking his interviewer by acting dumb. In a fit of inspiration, Jane decides that's the guy she wants to father her baby and it so happens that Jodie knows Cal and a bunch of other players who, coincidentally, want to get Cal a 'real classy hooker' for his 36th birthday and Jodie convinces Jane that posing as said hooker is her best chance to get to Cal.

Now, Cal isn't having the best year of his life, his sister-in-law and nephew died recently and his brother Gabriel is in despair; Cal knows his football career can't last much longer and he has no idea of what he's going to do once his career is over and he also has Kevin Tucker - the team's other quarterback - breathing down his neck.

Jane -posing (badly) as a hooker - and Cal do met twice and Jane does end up pregnant and Cal ends up finding out and marries Jane - with the intention of divorcing after the baby is born - and takes her to Salvation, North Carolina (his hometown) so their marriage seems real to the press.

With this book I found things that I did like and others that I didn't like but it was pretty good over all, I liked the sub plot surrounding Cal's parents and I liked Jane's brilliance about somethings and complete ignorance about others. Cal was, at times, harder to like but he ended up in the plus side of things by the end. All in all, it was a rather sweet book.




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