March 31, 2009

Some Like It Wicked by Teresa Medeiros

Some Like It WickedCatriona Kincaid is in deep need of a hero, for she wants to return to her beloved Scottish Highlands and find her brother Connor and reunite the Clan Kincaid. And the hero she has in mind is none other than Simon Wescott, whom she met years ago when he was busy trying to seduce her cousin Alice.

Now, a naval hero who also happens to currently reside in Newgate prison, Simon doesn't think of himself as a hero but he isn't able to resist Catriona's proposition of half her dowry in exchange for his services keeping her safe on the way to her beloved Highlands.

So, the two of them set off to Scotland, ostensibly to get married in Gretna Green but both their plans turn awry, Simon refuses to be the hero Catriona thinks he is, and Simon can't help to care about her.

I've read a few of Teresa Medeiros books before and some I have liked better than others, for me this one was a bit luckewarm, I kept expecting things to happen but nothing ever quite did. It felt sort of flat to me. But it was charming, I liked Catriona and her cat Robert the Buce and I liked Simon but it lacked a 'climax' so to speak, I felt like nothing ended up happening.

Still, Grade:



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