August 7, 2013

Video Review: Superman - Birthright

Hello everyone!!

So yeah, I'm still alive and kicking, it just happens that I'm crazy busy and in the middle of finals week at the school I work at. 

Still, today I took a break from grading and I reviewed Superman: Birthright by Mark Waid and Leinil Francis Yu. - I explain the video, and use the words awesome and "Really, really cute" and "really fun" a lot, but Birthright is a comic book that served as a new origin story for Superman a few years back (It was published in 2005) and it was awesome. 

So, I totally recommend it, but if you wanna hear me rambling about it, here it is:

Yes, I do look a little crazy, and my hair is a mess but I hope you can understand my accent! :D 

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