August 9, 2013

Book Review: One Day in Apple Grove by CH Admirand

A day late, I know but hey!! At least it's a post!!

The Plot: After serving in the marines as a medical corporal and getting his Medical degree, Dr. Jack Gannon is back in his hometown of Apple Grove, ready to take where his father - the former town's physician left off - and start his own practice.

As a youngster, he couldn't wait to leave Apple Grove and see the world, but after seeing some pretty bad stuff, he's quite happy to settle down and forget some of those places he couldn't wait to see.

Cait Mulchahy and two sisters have their hands full as the resident handy-women, fixing everything from leaky roofs to bed plumbing, which doesn't leave her with a lot of time for a social life, plus, it isn't like there are many eligible bachelors around, at least not until Doc Gannon moves back.

As a girl, Cait had never taken much notice of Jack, other than acknowledge that he was one of his older sister's best friends and the general town knowledge that he had joined the marines and that he had been injured while overseas; so she's not prepared for their first encounter, when they run into each other by the side of the road while he's trying to rescue a puppy.

The puppy, Jamie, brings them together though, and pretty soon they can't imagine their lives without each other, but they still got lots of stuff to deal with. 

First Date: Aww, how cute!! This small-town of Apple Grove sounds lovely, and I already love half the characters, though it would be nice if they stopped assuming I know or care about who Honey B is, I don't. 

Second Date: So, apparently, Honey B and Cait's older sister had their story in the previous book. uh, Still don't care. Back to Cait and Jack... well, things seemed to be moving REALLY slow there for a bit but then it just took a HUGE leap forward. Things are just starting to feel uneven. Cute puppy though. 

Third Date: Well... wasn't that nice? Perhaps a bit too much. *sigh* It does feel like this last date was a fizzle. 

Relationship Status: Don't Call Me, I Call You... maybe.

I really wanted to like One Day in Apple Grove, it even started really sweet and I was in, but little by little I was pulled out of the story, some things were just too darn cute and too darn much. My biggest problem, though? the way the PTSD that Jack suffers was handled - it was just mentioned when it was convenient and then swept under the rough and then trotted out again, and then just magically fixed. NOT COOL. 

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