August 10, 2013

So... that's my other life...

More often than not, I try to keep my writing life well apart from my blogging life, but yeah, for the last 11 years I've been writing as Clavel in Fiction Press and other outlets. It all started when I dropped out of college when I was 18 and had all this time in my hands while I waited so I could switch schools... and I started to write.

Made lots of friends that way and it kind of helped me to work on my English, which was a lot more rudimentary back then. But when I started this blog, I wanted a separate identity from that, so I created AnimeGirl and then Alex; and for for them most part, I don't let the two overlap.

But then I got nominated for a Some Kind of Wonderful Award and I said, what the heck, maybe I can get some people to vote for me for a change.

See, I'm kind of a veteran of the SKOW awards, I've been nominated 3 times in the past, but I just never ever win or even come close. I got nominated about 3 years ago, and twice before that (My one claim to fame is that I was nominated on the same year as S.J. Maas' Queen of Glass, way back when).

This year, I was nominated in the Amazing Wordsmith category... and I decided to pimp myself out, for once! You don't have to blindly vote for me. You can check out my stuff before deciding, and I really do encourage you to check out the other authors and stories because there is some really awesome stuff out there. 



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