November 27, 2012

Sick Leave

Hey guys!!

I'm sorry I haven't been around. Since Friday I've come down with the worse case of mutant flu + a cough + I think my tonsils will start bleeding in two seconds, so yeah... blogging hasn't been, like, possible in the last few days, mostly because I can't be on the computer for more than 15 minutes without getting a headache and getting super sleepy. 

And... my laptop has been at the repair shop for two weeks, which hasn't helped at all. 

But I digress...

Guess that happens when you over-medicate yourself with cough syrup and pain killers. YAY!!! (No, really, don't do it at home). 

So anyway, I hope I feel better in a couple of days and that my laptop comes home soon so things can go back to normal. 

Sorry I won't be commenting or posting as often as usual, but I am reading, I finally bonded with my kindle and have been reading lots on it lately, you know, in between passing out from the cold medicine. 

Now I'm off to get someone to sing me Soft Kitty. 

UPDATE: Hey guys! Thanks so much for all your good wishes! I'm still a little sick but on the mend! I just hope the sleepiness goes away soon :D *hugs* again, thanks! y'all are the best. 

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