November 3, 2012

Book Review: Sarah's Child by Linda Howard

The Deal: When a bad accident kills his wife and 2 kids, Rome Matthews changed, becoming a cold and distant person, knowing he will never love anyone like he loved Diane and his sons. Sarah Harper was Diane's best friend, and in the two years since her death, Sarah has wanted to reach out to Rome but her secret love for him kept her away.

Until Rome needs her and Sarah agrees to marry him, even though she knows he doesn't love her and probably never will. Still, they eventually tumble into bed and he falls madly in love love with her. There is, however, one thing he won't relent on: he won't ever have more children. 

Which is a problem for Sarah when she finds out she's pregnant. 

My Thoughts: Someone told me this is one of those books you either hate or love. I hated it. But lets start from the beginning. Last week when I reviewed The Second Bride, Nath @Books, Books and More Books asked me if I had read Sarah's Child

Since I hadn't and I was intrigued, I gave it a shot - though first I had to ask a few friends if they had it because I think it's currently out of print - so I got the book and read it fairly quickly because, it's not that long and it's relatively well written. 

But I hated it. Some characters were okay, like Sarah and Derek and a whole bunch of other people who were around. But Rome was an asshole all the way through the book. First he's never going to love Sarah, then he's in love with her, but he still doesn't want to have kids. 

He gets Sarah pregnant, blames her, asks for an abortion, 'resigns' himself to the fact the kids is happening, but he doesn't want anything to do with it, so Sarah can't tell him anything about it or her pregnancy! Ever! And he wants all her attention on him when he gets home at night. All he cares about is a) that Sarah keeps the baby away from him, b) how soon can he bone Sarah again. 

He was such a jerkface douchebag!! And there is no GROVEL AT ALL!!!! He holds the baby once and suddenly everything is right with the world. 

The book was originally published in the mid-eighties, so I understand some things were outdated, but Rome was just too much! He blames Sarah because he got her pregnant. He's the one who did't want kids, he should have been packing the condoms! And if he was really serious, he could have had a vasectomy! Instead he was a bitch about the whole thing. It was just so BAD! 

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  1. This book sounds interesting. My friend is in the movie. She played Sarah's daughter.


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