October 11, 2012

Speed Date: Zoo Borns! - The Next Generation by Andrew Bleiman and Christ Eastland

The Deal*The new generation of zoo babies will reset the standard for devastating cuteness. From the creators of the smash hit ZooBorns series of books, ZooBorns: The Next Generation features full-color photos and fascinating facts on exotic baby animals from every corner of the world. Filled with brand-new species and some beloved favorites, this collection is irresistible to any animal lover.

These babies are much more than just adorable furry faces. They are ambassadors for their species in the wild, helping educate about conservation while they entertain.

My Thoughts: ZooBorns: The Next Generation is an adorable collection of photographs about adorable babies in Zoos all over the world - and okay, some of the babies aren't that pretty but they are cute. The photographs come with short texts describing the baby in particular and something about it's history and status (if it's an endangered or not).

It's not heavy reading, but it was fun to look at the photographs and learn little factoids about these furry cuties. My heart melted with the polar bears and the dingos and many other adorable babies. 

Also, part of the sales of the book go toward conservation of these animals, so yay for that! ZooBorns: The Next Generation will be available in November 6th, 2012. 
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* The summary is courtesy of GoodReads, I usually write my own summaries but because of the nature of the book I didn't see the point.

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