October 27, 2012

Book Review: The Second Bride by Catherine George

The Deal: Jo Fielding fell in love at first sight when she met Rufus Grieson... on the day he married her best friends Claire. Knowing what her feelings were, Jo always kept her distances from him, telling herself that they didn't have anything in common other than Claire and that there was no reason why they should ever spend much time together. 

And then Claire died, and it seemed to Jo like she would never see Rufus again. Until one night when Rufus showed up at her apartment - on the eve of his the first wedding anniversary since Claire's death - looking for someone to talk. 

One thing lead to another before Jo knew it she had had sex with Rufus and was carrying his baby. Rufus always wanted children, so he's not exactly unhappy with the situation, and he readily asks Jo to marry him. 

Jo knows that Rufus might never love her the way he loved Claire, or can he?

My Thoughts: I don't remember who told me to read The Second Bride, but I figured I would like it since I'm usually a sucker for the whole second spouse plot. And I have to say that The Second Bride was an entertaining story.

There was this reveal toward the ending that made me roll my eyes a little, but other than that it was a quick, enjoyable read. The book was very old fashioned though - as far as I can tell the book was first published in 1996, but other than the occasional mention of computers, the book could have been published in the eighties.

For example, after Jo and Rufus first sleep together, he's wants to know if she has been with other people recently, but not because he's worried about an STD or anything, but because he wants to be sure he's the dad in case she's pregnant.

There were a few more things like that that made me think the book was really old. But it was enjoyable anyway. 

Note: I borrowed the book from a friend and later found out it's actually out of print, but there is a Kindle version available, and that's the one linked. 

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