October 12, 2012

Book Review: Freshman Year and Other Unnatural Disasters by Meredith Zeitlin

At First Sight: Fourteen year-old Kelsey is starting high school with every hope that this year will be her year. 

High school just has to be awesome: she has her three best friends - Emma, Jo-Jo and Cassidy - by her side and her nemesis and soccer rival just moved to Arizona. 

But soon, things get derailed: there is too much homework, there is a girl out to get Kelsey and she isn't sure what's going on with her friends. 

Also, her crush might not be all she wants him to be. And new and old friends are pulling her in different directions. 

Second Glance: I don't want to say much about the summary of the book so people can discover the turns of the story on their own. 

I don't think I'm the target audience for Freshman Year and Other Unnatural Disasters because while I was reading it I kept thinking "These girls sound so young", which is good, I guess because they are young, but they also got on my nerves fairly easily. 

The book itself was fun and easy to read, but I had a hard time liking Kelsey, she was fun but, looking from the outside, there were times when she seemed very selfish. And her friends were all over the place for me. There were points where I really didn't like each of them - except maybe Em, she was the sweetest of them, I think. 

Also, they drank too much. I'm not saying kids in ninth grade don't drink because I know I sneaked off some Tequila here and there when I was that age,  but these kids are going to be without their livers by the time they turn fifteen. Seriously. 

Bottom Line: Though Freshman Year and Other Unnatural Disasters wasn't really for me, I have two good things to say about it: First, it brought me back to middle school it gets the age group and how everything is huge drama at that age, and does it in a very funny way. And that's the second thing: the book has some really funny moments. 

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